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The Economic Irrationality of the State

Buyback Blowback at Kodak

The New York Times Company Is Still Insolvent

The Duplicity of Warren Buffett

The Next Big Short: U.S. Treasury Bonds

Statism: The Opiate of the Frightened Masses

Letter to the Auditor of The New York Times Company

Paul Krugman Would Fail as a Businessman

Surviving Hyperinflation: An Update

Ford Motor Company, Goldman Sachs, the SEC, and the ‘New’ Wall Street

Liquidate General Motors

The New York Times Company’s Self-Inflicted Insolvency

Barack Obama’s Polluted Mind

Celebrate Redistribution With a Shotgun Wedding Between Berkshire Hathaway and General Motors

Environmentalism Is Racism

General Motors and the Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of Wall Street

Stock Buybacks Are a Scam

The Green Recession

Central Banking, the Depreciation of Self-Worth, and Decivilization

Buyback Blowback at Ambac and MBIA

Countrywide Financial Corporation and the Failure of Mortgage Socialism

America’s Airports Have Become Glorified Bus Stations

From Prime to Subprime, America’s Home-Mortgage Meltdown Has Just Begun

General Motors’ Market Leadership Has Come Courtesy of the Plunge Protection Team

Fannie Mae: Another New Deal Monstrosity

Go, Henry, Go!

Fight Global Warming: Bring Back Prohibition

Global Warming, the Precautionary Principle, and the Road to Totalitarianism

Real Money for Mexico

Dream Homes and Mortgage-Debt Nightmares

Wine, Glorious Wine

Central Banking, the Depreciation of Self-Worth, and Decivilization

General Motors, Market Engineering, and Confidence 'Protection'

Will The Federal Reserve Create The New Socialist Man?

The Federal Reserve and Housing: A Cluster of Errors?

Oregon: A Paradise for the Mentally Incompetent

What About Palladium?

The PBGC and Me

When Will America’s Housing Bubble Burst?

Outsourcing and America’s Nanny-Statism Bubble

The Mosquito: Environmentalism’s Weapon of Mass Destruction

When the Housing Bubble Bursts, Will President Bush Practice Mugabenomics?

Diminishing Property Rights Will Lead to a Higher Rate of Mortgage Defaults

Houses are Consumer Durables, Not Investments

Hey, Bill Ford, Jr.

Environmentalists Thrive on Mayhem

The Hypocrisy of Environmentalism

When Purchasing Equities, Are You an Investor or a Speculator?

Should the US Government's Sovereign Credit Rating be Downgraded to Junk?

Income Taxes, Obesity, and Other Maladies of Nanny Statism

Tsunami Exposes the Nihilism of Environmentalism

West Virginia, Environmentalism, and Secession From the 'Great Wish Machine'

Al Gore's environmentalism cost him the 2000 election by losing the
Democratic stronghold of West Virginia.

Mathematical Economics Is More Compatible With Communism Than Capitalism

Mathematical Economics uses assumptions that are so ridiculous that
communism becomes a realistic economic system.

The Federal Reserve and Productivity’s Boom-Bust Cycle

Monetizing Envy and America’s Housing Bubble

Alan Greenspan: Corrupted by Power or Schizophrenic Alchemist?

Dadacracy Now, Totalitarianism Next

Potential Inflation

This essay asserts that the higher the United States' national debt rises, the higher the chances for inflation.

Central Planning = Spontaneous Economic Order?

This is an article critical of the Santa Fe Institute's economics research program. Indeed, a left-wing paradigm can be the death of logic.

Bill Ford's Green Socialism and the Imminent Demise of Ford Motor Co.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Castro and Stalin Can Help Promote Your Products and Services

Social Decay and the Federal Reserve

The 'Wall Street Journal' Has Become Infected By the Anti-Capitalist Mentality

Global Warming: Socialism’s Trojan Horse

There is absolutely no credible scientific evidence to support the assertion that there is global warming. Nevertheless, the destruction of property rights continues with global warming at the heart of this assault.

'Ethical' Vegetarianism Should Not Be Viewed As A Peaceful Movement

When biocentrism is politicized, dangerous mutations will arise. You will never view 'ethical' vegetarianism, in the same light, after reading this article.

Terrorism, War, Death, and Destruction: The Secondary Consequences of Environmentalism

The Federal Reserve Has Destroyed the Meaning of Saving

The House of Homo Digitus


The Hyperinflation Survival Guide, Published by Eric Englund.